The vision of ICSS is “to provide the keys to harnessing the lightning of the human spirit.”

The keys are the teachings, medicine wheels, experiences, and ceremonies that enable an individual to harness or utilize the lightning of one’s spirit. The lightning inside each of us is the potential or hunger of our soul for knowledge, connection, and transcendence. Sometimes that lightning illuminates something just beyond our reach and our knowing and sometimes it strikes as an inner joy when we transcend our fears and enter into the next soulscape of experiences. This hunger is what moves us forward lifetime after lifetime toward enlightenment.

The human spirit evolves by navigating challenging times of gain and loss with beauty and strength and pursuing excellence in our life. It is also true that we need help along the way through friends, family, and teachers. The pursuit of knowledge and new experiences are the fuel for our spiritual work.

We already have everything inside us that we need to navigate this moment in beauty. As a teacher I understand this. My task is to offer medicine wheel teachings, ancient wisdom re-interpreted for modern living and ceremonies to guide the student in their search for meaning and empowered living.

The active pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth is not about adherence to religious dogma or belief. It is about doing our difficult and essential personal work, the goal of which is to “harness the lightning” of our spirit and to awaken our potential health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humour in our lives.

Are you someone who feels that lightning spark of potential within, the possibility for something greater? Are you searching for tools to fully realize and actualize the lightning of your spirit? Take a look at our upcoming events. Perhaps one is an ideal place for you to begin your search.

Diane SeaDancer’s Prayer for an Evolving Family in a Changing World Time

Great Spirit
Sacred Mother – Father of us all
We of the Human Family are calling to become the best of who we are. Bless us in this time of Challenge and Opportunity.

We have chosen to be born into the beginning of the Fifth World where our full and Sacred Humanness is our Dharma.

We ask to release old limits and carelessness of our Fourth World education and beliefs, and be truly open to the new and possible that is offered in this time.

Empower us to transform old enemies of disease, poverty and disrespect for the Earth and her Minerals, Plants and Animals.

Help us to see the interconnection of each of our human forms of female and male, diverse skin colours and ways of worship.

Let us catch the Huquas – the ever present energies…of Happiness in our Heart…Health in all of our physical …Humour in our mind..and Hope in our Spirit…and Harmony in our Sensuality, Sexuality, and Life Force.

Bless us to step into our evolutionary Fifth World Roles of Pioneers of the new..Birthers- Seeders of the creation, seeding and care for anew time…leaders who make the difference in our Circles of Influence.

Let us remember the unlimited resources of the Universe with personal surges of our imagination and creativity.

Bless us with compassion, generosity, the Magick of Life, and making the unknown known.

Let us celebrate together that we are the Legendary Rainbow People who have chosen to make the difference for Ourselves, Life, the many Others of this generation and Those to come.



“Over the last 18 years, Barbara has been both a teacher and guide for me. She brings true beauty, grace and a sense of effortlessness whenever she is teaching, and sometimes you don’t realize just how much she has given until days, weeks or even years afterwards. I am deeply grateful for all the ways in which she has shared her knowledge, wisdom and reflections to help me grow.”

I.L. / Climate Action & Communications Consultant

“Truly a magickal experience filled with unexpected deep healing in all aspects. The experiential presentations have assisted me in shedding the masks to discover my authentic self and the teachings have continued to feed my soul long after the physical connection.”

Jane M. / RMT

“Barbara has touched me deeply and taught me much with her wisdom, grace, dedication, strength, presence, magick, and power. Barbara led the first ceremony I ever heard over thirty years ago, and I will never forget how her beautiful words went through my heart to the cells of my soul. Barbara has been a midwife to my evolution and I am eternally grateful.”

A.S. / Chiropractor and Integrative Healer

“I was on a journey of discovering my spirituality, I grew in the courses and workshops with Barbara personally and I now live my life in a way that is in harmony with the environment, the Universe and with people. The process continues and I look forward to many more years of a journey of personal spiritual self-discovery with the teachings.”

George F. / Businessman

“Barbara is perhaps best known for being the co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies in Toronto, for her work with the Matriarchal Shield and teachings for women; for her commitment to children and families and the Rites of Passage training. She has consistently held a high level of excellence in the programs offered that provide continuity and relevance to students and apprentices alike.

Barbara is a Dreamer and the list of programs and teachings that Barbara has “dreamed” for us is astonishing. She has also led seekers on countless journeys to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Bolivia, Peru, and France. I have seen her grow from the apprentice who has a desire for more knowledge, skills, and abilities to a master teacher and choreographer who has taught and trained teachers.

Barbara’s elder name is Midnight Rose. My vision of her as Midnight Rose is of a gardener of dreams who uses magic and mystery to make spaces for Beauty. Gardening is a true love of hers since childhood. When she is not teaching or travelling she is in her garden getting mucky. In our collective “medicine dream” we are her dream flowers and she watches us grow like her own children. All gardens need to be tended and nurtured, so if Midnight Rose invites you into her garden you are truly blessed and you will never be the same again.”

K.R. / Montessori Principal

“There are many things to love about Barbara… her intellect, her strength of character, her love of beauty. But what I appreciate most about her is her joy when I have a moment of insight about Spirit. I find the path to be deeply personal, quirky, and often solitary ( in a good way.)…. Its not always something that even my best friends can understand. Barbara meets me where I am and then takes all that she knows to inspire me to higher heights and greater insights…. to a richer life. Its always a real pleasure to walk the road of Spirit for a little while with Barbara.”

Paul Bolland / Artist

“She is an exemplary mother and matriarch for her family. She is a long-time teacher, leader and apprentice on her spiritual path. She is a successful start-up business owner and a valued local business woman. Barbara wears many hats and has many skills. Her depth of knowledge, built on years of dedicated effort, is matched equally by her ability to listen to spirit to answer one’s deepest questions/pondering. There are very few grandmothers left with deep wisdom. Barbara is one of these women and has been for the almost 20 years I have done ceremony with her.

To sit with Barbara, is to find oneself woven into the “since always” stories, translated by real life experience. An hour, an afternoon, a ceremony, a weekend… time with Barbara will change who you are and how you see yourself in the world (at least it did that for me).”

RH / HR Coordinator