Women Tending our Gardens

It is Soon to be Summer

Tall Tree With Roots Exposed

It is soon to be summer and there is enough time to do some Womb Work! And this is your invitation.

A long time ago my teacher Hyemeyohsts Storm took me for a long walk on the prairies. He advised me gather the women and the men and to do my medicine in a garden. Several times over the years he has reminded me to ‘keep teaching the women’.

For many years I have I made wherever I lived, or worked my garden. I brought beauty forth in whatever space I found myself in and was nourished by it. I have taught with my back against temple walls in Peru, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. I have sat with circles of women on beaches with the water caressing our feet and in forests alive with the sound of birds and wind. And I have taught in square box buildings in the downtown core I have learned that you can make any place sacred with a gathering of women.

Is it time for you to tend your garden? Are you ready to find out where you are in the growth cycle of being a woman? Are you intending new dreams, concentrating on your health, tending to your cycle as a woman or just yearn to sit with a teacher, in a garden, with other women?

Come and sit in my garden and lets awaken the teachings and tools from the Woman’s Shield. Good Womb Work is teachings, medicine tools, ceremony, women and power.

Space is limited. Lunch included.

Barbara Midnight Rose / Kathleen Dancing Spider Woman


DateJune 1, 2009 From 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
LocationDowntown Toronto
Cost$165.00 + HST
More Information416 603-4912 or our Contact page.