Sacred Laws

Spring is here! It’s hard not to notice the increase in birds and squirrels and their incessant looking for food. Well before the plants and the spring flowering, come little ones looking for food. A lot of the seeds are scattered from the bird feeder and I imagine I’ll be mowing that in the summer!

Have you noticed that life works so well in nature? Nature seems to be following a pattern, a different rhythm that is in more harmony than we have been able to achieve? Even when so-called chaos happens, nature knows what to do!

A ‘devastating’ forest fire (or so we call it) occurs and within days the shoots of new plant life grows. Encouraged by the heat of the forest floor to germinate quickly and within weeks this ‘devastation’ is covered in the purple blooms of the fire flower.

A Spring flood destroys the Swan’s nest with her three eggs. The next spring she has laid seven and they all hatch! And I get to watch their progress from hatchling to gosling to the truly magnificent juveniles. All summer long she paddles by with her flotilla of gorgeous white strength and life.

Is truly magical how the worlds that we share Grandmother Earth with, know how to be here with her. But what happened to us humans? Where is our rule book and our guides to show us how to live here on Grandmother Earth, for we are all her children?

It really it seems to me that all the other children, the plants, the animals. the rocks and stones seem to work quite well together. The plant worlds, animal worlds, mineral worlds, just do what they are to do and they are able be together with interconnectedness, inter-reliability and interdependence. It just works and as well brings forth Beauty in all its forms.

It seems it is only the human World that is not functioning as part of this Dream of Beauty. BUT help is on the way!

Sacred Law teachings of our Path offers the way to understand what is our role and work, as well as our potential to become humans standing in balance. Inside the sacred law teachings can be found the understanding and joy in the map for humans to find their way on this planet.

The next Law in Sacred Law School Toronto is: The First Ecological Balance Law: The Half-Life Law of Ener- gized Matter.