Sacred Law School

November 22-24, 2019

We are delighted to welcome the Sacred Law School back to Toronto. The Sacred Law School brings a full and engaging set of experiences and knowledge that we look forward to.

This West Law requires a purification lodge and thus the weekend will be held at the Nobleton space.

In addition there will be a Jaguar Dance and a potluck dinner Saturday night.

We will begin our year’s study of the West Laws with the Second Universal Law of All Things are Born of Woman and Sparked by Man. This is an important foundational Law, used for every Pipe ceremony and all day every day in your life. This Law is rich in its potential for healing womb resentment, gender issues (internal and external) and just in the basic understanding of how to honor differences while recognizing commonalities.

This law explores the god/goddess archetypes and the sisterhood and brotherhood concepts.

The weekend is highlighted by the incredible ceremony of The Jaguar Dance, an opportunity to manifest unity of genders inside your being.

There is lots of pleasure and knowledge on offer in studying this Law! We have planned a packed weekend of teachings, ceremony, group work, family feeling and personal transformation.

Space is limited So Apply early

Location is in Nobleton, ON. There is a bed and breakfast located next door. You can reach them at 20 Bells Lake Bed and Breakfast 905 859-1555. They have a family room that sleeps 6 if you are interested.

About the Presenters

Joerg van Corva and Claudia van Corva
Joerg van Corva and Claudia van Corva

Claudia van Corva earned her PhD in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and is a retired professor of environmental science, chemistry and critical thinking in California.

In conjunction with her training in western science, she has also studied the Twisted Hairs shamanic tradition for many years and is a gifted workshop leader trained in ceremonial transformation.

Claudia marries these two disciplines with great skill and humor, translating complex scientific thought into applicable to the everyday world.

Joerg van Corva is a master in philosophy with a specialization in metaphysics. He has studied the Twisted Hairs tradition for many years and has a great joy in teaching and learning. His approach to personal transformation is incisive, fun and deeply impactful. Joerg brings with him a mastery of difficult conceptual knowledge and a love for life. His clarity of mind and strength of heart make him an excellent teacher and a man of substance.

Together they make a great team with balanced male and female energies. Their honesty and willingness to share with intimacy create an environment that is safe, full of laughter and also transformative.


DateStarts November 22, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. | Ends November 24 at 5:00 p.m.
LocationNobleton, ON
CostEarly Bird price of $441.25 + $55.36 HST ($496.61 taxes in) if registered by October 1st.
After that, $475.00 + $61.75 HST ($536.75 taxes in).
More InformationFill out our Contact page or call 416 603-4912.