Sacred Law School

April 17 – 19, 2020

Now available in webinar format

Second Magickal Law of Absolute Interconvertibility

We are delighted to welcome the Sacred Law School back to Toronto. The Sacred Law School brings a full and engaging set of experiences and knowledge that we look forward to.

The Second Magickal Law of Absolute Interconvertibility focuses on interconnections to all things, the Larien of Shapeshifting and Stalking, especially of your natural self and the refinement of your magickal character.

As part of our study of connection, we will be building individual 20 Count mesas for you to take home and have as a connecting link to the 20 in your sanctuary spaces. These mesas are a great space-saving way to anchor the presence and balance of the 20 count, the worlds and abundance into your home, and your awareness of the powers too! There are things to prepare so RSVP early to get a full set of instructions. You may be familiar with the 20 Count but now its time to put it into practical everyday use. As always, we will be making many practical connections to aligning with this Law in our everyday life!

Do you desire opportunities to refine your character, especially through mining the gain within the loss and working with your Larien and totems? Count on testing and stretching your benevolent stalking abilities and to refine yourself into a more natural form of you.

The weekend will include a super mix of ceremony, teachings, small group workings, dinner together Saturday night, group ceremony, illuminations, discussion, camaraderie, laughter and growth.

We will gather Friday April 17 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm,  Saturday April 18 9:30 am – 11 pm including dinner and Sunday April 19 9:30 am – 5:00 pm including clean up.

About the Presenters

Joerg van Corva and Claudia van Corva
Joerg van Corva and Claudia van Corva

Claudia van Corva earned her PhD in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and is a retired professor of environmental science, chemistry and critical thinking in California.

In conjunction with her training in western science, she has also studied the Twisted Hairs shamanic tradition for many years and is a gifted workshop leader trained in ceremonial transformation.

Claudia marries these two disciplines with great skill and humor, translating complex scientific thought into applicable to the everyday world.

Joerg van Corva is a master in philosophy with a specialization in metaphysics. He has studied the Twisted Hairs tradition for many years and has a great joy in teaching and learning. His approach to personal transformation is incisive, fun and deeply impactful. Joerg brings with him a mastery of difficult conceptual knowledge and a love for life. His clarity of mind and strength of heart make him an excellent teacher and a man of substance.

Together they make a great team with balanced male and female energies. Their honesty and willingness to share with intimacy create an environment that is safe, full of laughter and also transformative.


DateStarts April 17 at 6:30 p.m. | Ends April 19 at 5:00 p.m.
LocationNobleton, ON
CostEarly Bird price of $441.25 + $55.36 HST ($496.61 taxes in) if registered by February 15th.
After that, $475.00 + $61.75 HST ($536.75 taxes in).
More InformationFill out our Contact page or call 416 603-4912.

Registration and Payment

Payment by E-Transfer to Barbara Brachi.

Early Bird price of $441.25 + $55.36 HST ($496.61 taxes in) if registered by February 15th.

After that, $475.00 + $61.75 HST ($536.75 taxes in).