“Lineage is not like a baton that one person passes to another person and then another, leaving the ones behind empty-handed. It is like the flame of a lamp. If you light one lamp and then keep lighting more lamps the first lamp still has the flame. There are no distinctions. There is a continuum.”

Anonymous quote from Shambala Publications
Lineage lights against a tarry night sky.
Lineage Lights

This quote always reminds me of our ceremonial weeks on our Sacred Land in the North. Every year for 3 decades now, in groups large and small, the flame is passed from ceremony to ceremony following a time-honoured sequence of ceremonies. These ancient ceremonies, not made new, but following the old Path and Way are relevant to today in ways that are beyond words. The land is always here. The forests are always here. The water finds its’ course through the land always. The sky children, the earth breathing, the secrets sounds of night beckon the little people into our dreams and into our ceremonies. Hand to hand, heart to heart, breath to breath we nourish the flame that is our Path and our Way.

All that is needed is you. Be well and happy.