HOPE – Seeding & Dreaming

To have vision requires hope. To have hope we must have Health, this requires Happiness. Happiness relies on Humour to provide the balance called Harmony. These are called the five huquas.

My vision is one of creating Beauty for when we produce Beauty we gain the Huquas. Grandmothers Sophia Thinstick and Marsha IronKettle say that “beauty produces the Huquas and if we stop producing beauty and increasing the measure of our character we lose the huquas”.

Gardeners know a lot about vision and hope. I think of the famous English landscaper Capability Brown who planted Tree Landscapes that he would never see. On the island I where I live there is a man called the Guerilla Gardener. He used to have a television show where he developed gardens in small pockets of unused land or a corner of a city lot. Just for beauty. It might last a week or a day or a year depending on the development of the area. But just to plant Beauty in vacant and orphaned lots was the goal. At the Waterfront Montessori School where another apprentice Kathleen Dancing Spiderwoman is in charge the children have made wild flower seed bombs for just such areas. 

When there is hope there can be vision, and visions can bring hope. Join the children and make seed bombs of your beauty and plant it where you are planted. 

 Barbara Midnight Rose