Family Spirit Camp

Lush Forest Pathway

Can You Resist the Call of Your Spirit?

Spirit Camp welcomes families, parents, children, elders of all ages to reconnect to life, spirit and self through ceremony and sharing in community. You will gain skills to guide you through the many passages of life’s journey.

Parents will:

  • Learn about key growth periods in your life and those of your family.
  • Understand life transitions and what your kid/s may be ‘teaching’ you now.
  • Find tools to support you and your family’s evolution, now and in the future.

As a family you will:

  • Participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, crafts, drumming, singing and campfires.
  • Participate in ceremony and family activities that make spirit your companion.

Midsummer is a magical time to camp on our land near Bancroft, Ontario. Each day is scheduled to give parents a chance to connect with each other, nature and have their own separate teachings from the children. Imagine walking on the land and listening to the laughter of children, while they safely expand their boundaries and explore.


DateAugust 11 – August 17, 2019 All Day
LocationBancroft, Ontario
CostFamilies of 2 $480.00 + HST
Families of 3 $530.00 + HST
Families of 4 $575.00 + HST
More Information416 603-4912 or our Contact page.