Dessert Dreaming 2019
Feb 28 @ 4:00 pm – Mar 3 @ 1:00 pm
Dessert Dreaming 2019 @ Franciscan Renewal Center

Annual Woman’s Gathering

The Star Nation Dreamers Sisterhood of Phoenix, Arizona, sponsors a Woman’s Retreat every February to allow us to dream together to renew our bonds of sisterhood, share sacred knowledge, and restore our wombs to power and beauty. We drum, sing, and do ceremony together as well as receive teachings from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path in a magical way that speaks to us as women.

Our teacher, Barbara Brachi “Midnight Rose”, travels from Canada to guide us into the Dreaming. She is the co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies in Toronto, and is also the leader of Raven’s Call, a sisterhood of 30 women, now in its 21st year.

We gather on a Thursday night in a magical landscape in the heart of Scottsdale, and continue our dreaming process until Sunday noon. The meals are nourishing and we have our own gathering place in which to share our beauty and life wisdom so that it reflects back to us the power of who we are as women.
We welcome women from all walks of life and spiritual/religious backgrounds to join us. No experience of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is needed.

Relationships at the Edge
Mar 30 – Mar 31 all-day
Relationships at the Edge @ TBD

Exploring Shamanic Tools To Create Better Relationships

Join Barbara Brachi–medicine woman and wisdom keeper–as she shares profound and transformative shamanic tools, techniques and explorations through the five agreements that can support you to find a better relationship inside your relationships. Whether you are single or in relationship, this two-day workshop will open doors to the next levels of possibility, authenticity and co-empowerment.

Sacred Law School
Apr 19 – Apr 21 all-day
Sacred Law School @ Toronto

An Experiential Journey Through The Sacred Laws

Navigating the First Ecological Balance Law: The Half-Life Law of Energized Matter
The Sacred Law School is the marriage of Science with Magick and brings very practical applications for dealing with stress when it gets out of balance. It also provides a unique container in which to explore medicine concepts and knowledge that works (svaha).

The First Ecological Balance Law: The Half-Life Law of Energized Matter. This is an exciting Law and it provides a basic foundational teaching to many concepts used in our gateway process. This Law is especially pertinent and applies directly to the Healing Paradigm of our path. This Law also helps us manage our energy choices and expenditures.

If you ever lost energy trying to finish something up and need to repattern that tendency, this is the Law for you!

We will be learning about how the East She Thought of Creative Originality works with the healing paradigm and how the Teachers of Rage and Raw Power are utilized in all five aspects.

As always, we will be making many practical connections to aligning with this Law in our everyday life! This will include discussions of radioactive half-lives as well as significant toushilahey lifetimes. The weekend will include ceremony, teachings, small group workings, dinner together Saturday night, illuminations, laughter and family!

Gateways Ceremonial Week
Aug 5 – Aug 10 all-day
Gateways Ceremonial Week @ Venue Name

Week long ceremonial time for apprentice and students.

Katana Edge
Aug 5 – Aug 11 all-day
Katana Edge @ Venue Name

Leadership training week for apprentices.

Vision Quest
Aug 5 – Aug 10 all-day
Vision Quest @ Venue Name

Ceremonial opportunity with nature and Spirit for new questers.

Family Spirit Camp
Aug 11 – Aug 17 all-day
Family Spirit Camp @ Venue Name

A time in Spirit for families of all ages