Head shot - Barbara Brachi

Barbara Brachi

Barbara “Midnight Rose” Brachi is an inspired teacher, healer, and life coach. Through her lectures and workshops worldwide men and women have learned to dream and actualize new possibilities for illumined living and a better world.

As a storyteller and dream weaver Barbara synthesizes the knowledge of many ways and paths. She weaves her own life experiences with profound ancient teachings, transformative shamanic tools and techniques into a modern tapestry, a guide for spiritual connection, healthy relationship, sexual healing, and life transitions. Her solid and grounded teachings are an antidote to today’s mix of uncertainty, stress, media overwhelm, and gender confusion.

She works with sisterhood and brotherhood circles facilitating heart-to-heart communication between them. Barbara loves working with families and holds an abiding love and respect for those who choose parenting as their path. And through all this is woven the thread of Spirit, our spiritual connection to something greater that leads us into exploration of our inner landscapes and inspires us to service in the world.

Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies ICSS

The vision statement for ICSS is ‘to provide the keys to the lightning of human spirit’.

ICSS has been in the forefront of offering Shamanic teachings for over 20 years. It has provided many rich and varied programmes that were, most importantly, timely, for the waves of Seekers who were looking for personal growth and spiritual connection. Hundreds of students moved through the classrooms of the Institute into our longhouses and all kinds of programmes. They sat on their cushions and chairs, cradled their coffee cups and settled in for the adventure.

It has been a powerful, beautiful and energizing time, one that we are all immensely proud of creating together.

ICSS Today

I continue in providing programmes and events to educate, and enlighten who are seeking positive change in their lives, support in making a difference in their lives and their worlds and in negotiating these challenging times in beauty.

I am dedicated to facilitating the healing of old wounds and rewriting old stories for women and men so they may find their way to balance and dream new stories for themselves.

A cornerstone of my work is the restoration of the Rites of Passage that help adults find balance and children make safe, passage into healthy, empowered adulthood.

I continue to work with women and men so they may embrace and celebrate the richness as well as the challenges of their life transitions from birth through death.

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