“Lineage is not like a baton that one person passes to another person and then another, leaving the ones behind empty-handed. It is like the flame of a lamp. If you light one lamp and then keep lighting more lamps the first lamp still has the flame. There are no distinctions. There is a continuum.” […]

A Prayer to life

The Hopi say You must live your life from beginning to end No one else can do it for you Hold on to what is goodeven if it is a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believeeven when it is a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must doeven […]

Raven Silhouette - Moon Backdrop

Sacred Laws

Spring is here! It’s hard not to notice the increase in birds and squirrels and their incessant looking for food. Well before the plants and the spring flowering, come little ones looking for food. A lot of the seeds are scattered from the bird feeder and I imagine I’ll be mowing that in the summer! […]

Sole Walker on Meandering Path in Fall

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage give recognition to the human experience. There are different kinds of rites practiced throughout many different cultures, all over the world. There are rites for fertility, birthing, and initiation as well as moon rites, sun rites, death rites, clan and tribal rites. Rites of passage address sensitive times in the maturation of […]

red poppy brooch


Around this time of year Remembrance Day comes and as a daughter of a military family and of parents who survived the Second World War (as many of their friends did not) November 11 was always observed with a bittersweet combination of pride and sadness. The parades, the minute of silence always gave rise to […]